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Experiential Applications and Multi-Platform Technology Solutions

Plan.Tools is bridging together previously siloed industries using 3D graphics, realtime interfaces, distributed systems, and p2p infrastructure.

White-label Application Development

Our full-stack development team can help bring your creative vision into the spatial dimension.

Multimedia Content and Information Exchange

Apps for creators, communities, and businesses to easily distribute rich content experiences to your audience. 

World Building 3D Spaces

3D Spaces for communications, spatial collaboration, and digital asset management.

Systems Architecture Meets 3D Interfaces (UI/UX)

Plan.Tools builds 3D applications using p2p technology and blockchain (cryptocurrencies) in the Web 3.0 ecosystem


The PLAN 3D client application demonstrates 3D spaces with world building and realtime communication tools coming together.


Let's Build Something Beautiful

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    Your Platform, Your Community, Your Data


    We’ll take the time to get to know your organization’s processes, requirements, and objectives in order to provide you with a 3D strategy needed to stay competitive on the internet.


    PLAN is bridging together previously siloed industries using distributed ledger technology (DLT), p2p infrastructure, 3D graphics, open protocols, and realtime collaboration interfaces.


    Our software solutions scale with the needs of your network, from easy hosting, getting through complex application distribution processes, to off-grid multi-site deployments.